Setting Up Your Utilities

How to Start Service with PG&E
If you are moving, please let Pacific Gas and Electric Company know one week before you will need service at your new address by calling 1 (800) PGE-5000.

This should give us enough time to make arrangements for one of our service people to meet you at your home to light, check and adjust appliances. If the gas service is off at your new address, an adult must be present to allow us to enter the home to turn on gas service. Be sure to notify us when you have moved out of your other residence.

For your convenience, PG&E offers four-hour appointment windows for services that require a customer to be present. If you have special scheduling needs, please let us know when you call for service.

A deposit may be required to establish service. For residential customers, the deposit amount is twice the average monthly bill. For non-residential customers, it's twice the maximum monthly bill.

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