Figuring out Who to Call

In the Chico area there are several different local utilities you need to get setup once you move in.

Local Gas and Electric Service
In Chico there is only one provider for power and gas, PG&E. It is a good idea to call a week or so before you move in, and check to see if power is on in the unit. At this time you can give PG&E the address of your new unit and let them know when you will be moving in. They will make sure that the electricity will be in your name once you move in. Don't get caught moving in in the dark, call first.

Local Telephone & Internet Providers
More than likely you will want to have phone and/or internet service established in your home. More information coming soon.

Local Cable TV and Television Providers
If you want television service in your new unit, there
are a few choices to choose from when it comes to television. More information coming soon.

719 Chestnut Street
(530) 404-5404
719 Chestnut Street
Chico CA, 95926
 Multiplex (3-4 units)
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4 Bedroom / 2 Bath : $2,550/month
4 Bedroom / 2 Bath : $2,795/month